This is the post excerpt.

The good thing about bad incidences/disasters is that, they are never completely awful/bad, in that we get to learn from our mistakes while we also get experience, we learn to be grateful for what we have not yet lost as we appreciate their presence and we learn to hold on to what we have with much care. Meanwhile, the bad thing about good incidences/successes is that they are never completely good, with regards to the fact that over excitement can eventually result in forgetfulness. The one thing that would make an individual make senseless utterances and make really bad decisions just like a drunkard or probably a mentally insane person.

Life has always and continues to teach us that there’s something to always confront us with, just as time comes with progression and retrogression, there may be ups and downs. Most things do just happen because they have to, this may be due to some choices and actions taken in the past or what just must, sometimes they are deemed normal and most often they happen because we make them. Our own mentality and thinking brings to us what we frame should happen and that’s why our conscious thoughts become our words, which eventually develops into our actions, then our habits, through to our character and finally becoming our reality.

Therefore, “Always Try To Have A Greater Part Of Your Thoughts And Perceptions About Things To Be Positive (As You Search) And Keep A Positive Mentality All The Time.”

Strong winds, deadly tides, devastating earthquakes, epidemics and all the worrying and heart breaking situations in life do not necessarily mean the end of the line…

No matter how minute a problem may be in life, it always comes along side with a great cloud of darkness. This cloud of darkness as it is termed, is that which always strikes the mentality of every individual to start thinking negative with respect to the situation at hand. ‘ “I new it! All is lost!”, “Now that he is/she is/that is gone, it marks the beginning of my doom!!”, “All hopes are eventually lost for sure”, “There is no meaning to life without it/without him or her/without them!”,’ the negative conscience would exclaim. This negativity is that which shadow the mind’s eye to see the way out and the good side of the misfortune.

A coin has only two sides and it’s impossible for both sides to be on top at the same time, just one side at a time. So do every situation has a good and a bad side and so, it’s up to you to determine which side of the situation you want to see the most. To every bad, there’s a good trapped deep down in it. Your perception about situations would draw down a conclusion concerning the prevailing situation at each point in time.

So whenever the bad situation arises, believe it and agree with yourself that, “This Too Shall Pass, whether in thunder storms or lightenings, in illnesses or on the edge of death, sinking in failures and disappointments, engulfed by fear of the unknown and the impossibility mentality, I have power over my mentality and I see the greatness ahead although everyone might be looking down for my situation, I stand to look up at the greatness and brightness they’ve not seen, the brightness beyond the dark cloudy clouds of the sky, it looks bad but it’ll surely be better as this too shall pass!!!”

To every confusing question, there’s an equally good explanation for it.

To every argument/misunderstanding there’s a chance for clarification.

To every failure there’s acquisition of experience for guiding others.

To every success there’s a chance to lead others.

And to every bad situation, there’s a good side of it, just as a coin has two sides and seasons run according to successive days and nights, so be patient, look for the goodness in every situation, use it to your advantage rightfully and press on.

You are stronger than the deadliest and most frustrating situation you may encounter because you have in-store within you the will power to see the goodness in every situation, the power of thought and the zeal to persist and press forward with patience.

Therefore, “Train Your Being And Mentality To See The Good In Every Situation.”

Stay Graced And Blessed

Adjei F. Collins