Pour It All Out On….

If you learn not to hate, you end up loving. If you learn not to quit, you end up persevering. If you learn to employ your talents, you end up not losing them. If you learn not to lie, you end up being truthful.

If you learn not to complain about problems, you end up always searching for solutions. If you learn to give, you become less of a receiver. If you learn not to be weak, you end up being strong. If you learn not to be cruel, you end up being merciful. If you learn not to be angry, you end up exercising patience. If you learn not to be a pessimist, you end up being an optimist.

If you learn not to see faults, you end up seeing opportunities for improvement. If you learn not to accept lies, you end up accepting and seeking the truth. If you learn to avoid evil, you end up embracing goodness. If you learn not to doubt God, you end up trusting Him.

Therefore, whatever you put your efforts in become your reality. Don’t channel your efforts into Negativity, but pour them out into Positivity. Whatever becomes dominant, tends to reign because even the presence of light can go unnoticed, if it doesn’t shine to show it’s power, hence, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

And again don’t chain up the goodness, and expect it to break free while holding the key to unlock and free it. Don’t expect them to…., while you’re not….

It may be late yet greatly possible. If you give up, then you lose. But if you don’t, you get to learn more and soar high.

Pour it all out on positivity….

Stay Graced And Blessed (A. F. C 14/05/2018)

Just Keep Going Smartly…

You Can and You Must.
All it takes, is to keep going.
Be smart enough not to give up.
Regret isn’t a pretty thing.
But appreciation of what has been accomplished by Grace, is.

Always keep to that which makes you happy.
That which brings you joy.
That which is of great service to humanity.
That which is worth, a service to God.
And put God first.
You can be….. You can make it…
Just Keep Going Smartly.

Stay Graced And Blessed (A. F. C 6/05/2018)